Sishyapoojitha Janani


My Guru



The ideology of Santhigiri is not religious law. It is an effort to reveal and correct the mistakes that had occurred in the midst of the society in order to make the people come up.



"...Have you ever thought about yourself? How long, do you think, would you be here? Sixty, seventy or at the most a hundred years! Like a government servant, you will have to retire sometime. Then, don't you think that your life in this world has some meaning? From whom shall you get the true knowledge about that meaning? Would your learning help? Can you get it from a scholar? Can you get it from politicians? Or are you of the view that there is nothing beyond this life? If that is the case, any wicked person can do anything and go from this world".


Let all the old remain in its place. Let us absorb the virtues thereof without destroying it. But, that which is evil will indeed be destroyed. This is our spirituality.


What is taking place in Santhigiri is an effort to realize after evaluating everything that has happened until now, getting rid of its shortcomings and ordering it as required of the age to bring it forward to shape the future state of affairs. This is the revelation of Brahman given to us.