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Text Box: Gurucharanam Saranam


 3rd C


  Pension Account











    Do you like to have a strong Financial Base ?

            Do you like to have Money, Richness, Wealth, Prosperity, Peace …..

            Then read on carefully! Please, spare 5 minutes from your busy life.



        We have only 4 Financial Pillars [i.e, 4 C’s] in Life – So says Adam Smith, Father of Economics.









                The 3rd Pillar [3rd C] is the Greatest financial Step of a Human being.


            Pillar 1          = 1st C   - Creation of Income [Income].

            Pillar 2          = 2nd- Consumption of Income [Expenses].

            Pillar 3          = 3rd C   - C ?

            Pillar 4          = 4th C   - Conservation of Income [Savings].


            Every family has 1st C- Creation[Income] and 2nd C - Consumption[Expenses].

            Some families arrange for 4th C- Conservation [Savings].

            But most of the families fail to recognize the urgency of the most important ‘C’

                i.e;  The 3rd C – the most important pillar for a strong financial Base.

                Only with the 3rd C our family can survive financially forever!

                Create your 3rd C today itself!


                                           But how ?


                Everyone’s 1st C, 2nd C & 4th C are different.

                Find out your 3rd C.



For details about & Getting your 3rd C.

                    Please EMAIL to  dinadevan@yahoo.com 


With Love,

Dinadevan, M.Com, MDRT.

Family Welfare Consultant.

Wealth Educator.





























“If you take care of money, Money will take care of you”

Rule #1 “You can’t buy 3rd C when you need it- So have it before the need arises”


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